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I have had both the pleasure and privilege of working with Gwen over the years, dating back to 2006. What truly makes her different than any other advisor or colleague that I have worked with, is her 100% commitment to the best interests of her clients. She genuinely cares about both their short- and long-term professional and personal goals.

When you engage Gwen, you’ll first notice her executive presence plus her active listening and relational skills as she poses thoughtful questions. From there, she will quickly zero in on how she can help you, your organization and your leaders contribute more value, increase your relevancy, delight your customers and strengthen your brand. Next, expect Gwen to tap into her forward-looking capabilities, trend expertise and creative methods as she introduces fresh thinking to a variety of business situations and challenges — causing one to stop, take notice and consider plus act on alternatives. Above all, expect Gwen to never lose sight of your goals and to remain in lockstep with you during their pursuit!

Gwen is truly outstanding in her field.

Brian Thomas

CIO, Swope Health Services

Gwen is an incredible leadership coach, a results driven consultant and a trusted advisor. Gwen has the rare ability to blend empathy and pragmatism in order to develop culturally aligned solutions that meet the current and future needs of your organization. In doing this, Gwen becomes a guide for enabling sustainable solutions across a number of different functional areas while partnering with you to ensure mutual success on all fronts.

I have personally worked with Gwen to develop programs around Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Project Management, Brand Management, Executive Strategy and Organizational Development. Through each of these efforts, Gwen has proven invaluable to developing quantifiable success metrics, a realistic roadmap for completion and project artifacts that permeate the day-to-day operations of the team. Perhaps my favorite characteristic about Gwen is her unwavering passion for seeing her clients and their teams succeed. That passion is infectious and uplifts the teams she is a part of, ultimately leading to better end results.

I trust Gwen’s council immensely and always look forward to any opportunity to partner with her, now and in the future.

Jared Mabry

CIO, HCA MidAmerica Division/HCA Information Technology & Services

Gwen Walsh is an exceptional executive consultant, coach and advisor. She approaches each engagement and assignment in a collaborative manner and with one agenda in mind — genuinely helping her clients attain immediate, short and long term success!

Having engaged Gwen for several years as a trusted business partner, we consider her to be an organizational asset. She consistently demonstrates her extensive capabilities, and in doing so, delivers ongoing, measurable value in the areas of strategy development and execution, real-time executive and senior leader coaching, professional development, program design and deployment, tactical solutioning, brand management plus more. One of Gwen’s many talents is her unique ability to quickly identify and assess cultural challenges and organizational obstacles then guide her clients into implementing practical, formulaic, barrier-breaking and sustainable solutions that ultimately achieve their vision.

Sarah Richhardson

CIO, NCH Healthcare System

Executive Consultant Gwen Walsh has expertise in people and program management. Her ability to coach senior managers and facilitate process improvement within an organization is outstanding. If you are looking for a team to improve your organization’s performance through improvements in management and process skills, then you will want to retain Gwen to support you.

Greg Badras

CIO, CHESS MSO (Cornerstone Health)

It is a rare person who can connect so quickly with what you do, and the challenges you face in today’s workplace. Gwen is one of those people, and her abilities have been invaluable to me.

Gwen quickly added value to the team by helping us stay relevant in the fast-paced change we are experiencing. Her ability to help set the strategic direction of the leadership team, with a completely customized approach was quickly incorporated. Her work used a variety of methods that really caused the entire team to reflect and become more self-aware, and make changes that made all of us more relevant to what the business was expecting.

Gwen is a complete professional, and focused on our success as a team, my success as a leader, and the overall success of the organization. If you are experiencing rapid change, Gwen should be your first call!

John Mason

CIO, Hill Country Memorial Hospital

When you engage Gwen Walsh, you soon learn that her expertise is extensive, her approach is strategic, her recommendations and solutions are practical, effective and adoptable, and her focus is, without a doubt, accountability and results centric.

Whether Gwen is offering business partner advice, providing executive coaching, conducting leadership working sessions or facilitating professional development workshops, she leverages the same consistent formula. She gives her clients her undivided attention, asks the right probing and engaging questions, thoughtfully guides discussions, zeroes in on her stakeholders’ needs, produces high quality deliverables, creates a positive experience and ultimately helps her clients attain their goals.

Leah Miller

CIO, HCA North Texas Division/HCA Information Technology & Services

Gwen has proven to be an extremely versatile, responsive and results-oriented Executive consultant and leader. Gwen efficiently and effectively managed multiple mega million dollar programs plus stood up/built out our Portfolio Program Management Office (PPMO) using practical methods, tools and a sustainable model — all with a focus on positioning our business, internal customers and employees for success.

Gwen consistently drives with a sense of urgency, keeps her commitments, introduces and operationalizes change in a persuasive manner and at every step of the way, she shares her leadership and subject matter expert knowledge, insights and observations in the spirit of helping her customers attain their desired goals.

Karun Kapur

CIO, Nebraska Division, Catholic Health Initiatives

I have had the opportunity to work with Gwen as both a Business Partner and Client. Gwen is an integrity driven person that has a genuine passion for helping others succeed. She brings a high energy personality, positive attitude, experience-rich background and facilitative style to each engagement. Participants leave feeling re-energized and empowered.

Louis Penny

CIO, Heinen's Fine Foods

Gwen consistently delivers results because she listens, cares and applies critical thinking to all aspects of her work. She engages organizations and people at all levels. Gwen thoughtfully catalyzes change and guides clients toward solutions that are practical, cost effective, and right sized for their organization and culture. She additionally keeps the client’s best interests in the forefront of her thinking. Gwen truly does teach her clients how to fish and become self sustaining.

Kate Brown

CIO, Omaha Public Power District (OPPD)

Many of Gwen’s testimonials speak to her leadership and results delivery capabilities. While true, I’ve known Gwen professionally for many years and would like to provide insight into “Gwen the person”.

Gwen is authentic. She truly cares about her colleagues, their families, their lives and their professional and personal successes. Gwen is integrity- and values-driven. She really earns the trust and respect of others. Gwen is positive and charismatic. When conversing with her, there’s a genuine connection. She’s deeply listening to you, enjoying the discussion and valuing and appreciating what you have to say. Gwen has a big heart. You don’t have to know her for very long to learn that she and her husband have been providing a caring home to multiple, adopted shelter dogs for many years. Gwen is passionate about reinvention. She took a huge leap from being a CIO to President of a successful consulting practice. Given Gwen’s many talents and drive, I wouldn’t have expected less.

I’ve enjoyed my collegial relationship with Gwen for many years and I’m truly looking forward to watching her continued evolution!

Marc Lewis

CEO, Leadership Capital Group

As a former athlete, I’ve always believed that the right coach can help turn potential into results. What’s even more special is connecting with a person who has been gifted with the ability to bring out the absolute best in a person. Gwen Walsh has both of these traits.

When I started working with Gwen my business was doing OK at best. Since then, by following Gwen’s recommendations and working hard, the growth of my business has been nothing short of mind-blowing. I truly feel that as long as a person has the drive and determination to achieve their goals, Gwen Walsh is the catalyst that will unlock a person’s full potential.

Thank you Gwen for your continuing support and guidance.

Joe Millings

Business Owner, Joe Knows Nutrition

We have leveraged Gwen in multiple capacities including group and individual Collaboration Workshops, Leadership Coaching, Facilitation Sessions, 1×1 Interviews and Building Key Stakeholder Relationships. In each case Gwen customized her approach to align with our culture and the individual’s needs. She is direct but respectful and she does not shy away from telling leadership what others may be afraid to share. Gwen delivered to promise and has made a positive impact on our people and culture.

Maryann Correnti

CFO, Heinen's Fine Foods

Gwen Walsh’s contributions to your workforce are truly long lasting. Gwen drives for results, is effective, efficient and the definition of accountable. Gwen is able to quickly assess her client’s needs and provide an action plan for forward progress. She lives by the motto “learn to fish” which is displayed on a daily basis as she teaches others to do rather than doing for them. This approach sets your team up for success and long term sustainability for the future.

While working with Gwen, she provided me and my team with a roadmap that will guide the Project Management Office for the next 2-3 years as it builds upon itself. This approach is invaluable for long range planning and the growth of the department and your business needs. Gwen’s background and industry experience was a perfect match for our needs and provided us direct insight that truly is helping us move forward and create an accountable culture and department. Gwen’s plan will provide our business partners the governance support and structure they need for this dynamic Health Care environment that we are living in today.

Amy Sordi

Director Project Delivery & Innovation, Kaiser Permanente

Gwen demonstrates a keen ability to quickly understand organizational cultures and influencers. With these in mind, she is able to propose highly effective approaches to organizational performance improvement. With each engagement Gwen: collaborates easily with C-level executives to attain performance targets and business objectives; successfully translates organizational goals and objectives into strategies, plans, deliverables, tactics, value-add metrics and results; grows, develops and maximizes existing talent to achieve optimal business performance; leads with integrity, high energy and a passion for performance excellence; and earns the respect of the executives she coaches by ‘getting to the issues’ and by being forthright about required behavior improvements.

Satish Ajmani

Former CIO, County of Orange, California

Gwen knows how to emotionally connect with people, build trust, ask probing questions, identify organizational opportunities for improvement, raise sensitive topics and offer results-oriented solutions. She is a trusted business partner and thought leader who looks out for the best interests of their clients.

Tom Heinen

Business Co-Owner, Heinen's Fine Foods

I can always depend on Gwen to deliver. She makes me feel like I’m her most important client. She knows how to deliver a difficult message in a respectful and positive way, and she has a gift for rekindling passion and commitment in our team. I thoroughly enjoy working with Gwen and look forward to our continuing relationship.

Debbie Nageotte

Director & Chief of Staff, Kaiser Permanente

To work with Gwen is a great asset for my work environment but also personal growth. She is highly motivated to help her clients grow and live up to their real potential. She provides strategic direction, advise on methods, tools that is a fit to individual, personal leadership style. Very straight to the point, always committed. One of the best mentors/coaches I ever met. I can highly recommend her work!

Sabine Single

Country Manager Customer Service & Support, Hewlett Packard Germany

My Leadership Coach experience far exceeds all expectations. Gwen provides me with practical skills and deliverables that can be employed immediately, thus improving the efficiency and productivity of my team. She is helping me to develop and sharpen my leadership skills and empowering me to reach new levels in my leadership development. Gwen recognizes strengths in me and articulates them in a way that helps me acknowledge and apply these “hidden” abilities. My improved leadership performance is equipping me to better support my team, my peers and the senior leadership in my organization.

Debbie Nageotte

Director & Chief of Staff, Kaiser Permanente

What I appreciate the most about Gwen is the way in which she helps us step up our leadership game, improve our relationships, break down our silos and ensure that our leaders and teams are working cohesively together. Gwen coaches us to ‘take on’ the tough topics and permanently solve them – all with the end goal of positioning us for success – from bottom line, resource optimization and customer servicing perspectives.

It’s not easy moving people out of their comfort zones and helping them address their leadership gaps, but in Gwen’s case, she draws upon her well-honed influencing capabilities, fine-tuned human behavior insights, high energy level and ‘never give up’ attitude to move leaders and teams forward in a positive, constructive, evidence-based and results-oriented manner. She closely listens to understand situational dynamics, quickly sees what’s needed, figures out a game plan, engages us in a way that is upbeat vs. painful, and moves us along the change continuum so we can collectively create a future that we can all be proud of.

Janice Adams

Business Relationship Manager, Kaiser Permanente

Gwen’s leadership, customer-facing and follow-through capabilities are A+! Gwen engages as a trusted business partner, provides great recommendations that make sense, offers products and services that add value and she continually seeks out ways to help her customers be successful. She also has an energy about her that gets people motivated at the right times and when needed, a calming style that puts people at ease when they’re working through some of their most difficult organizational and people challenges. I really enjoyed working with Gwen as her client!

Kriste Major

Former IT Director, Forest City Enterprises

With Gwen’s trusted and thoughtful guidance plus assistance, we: spot-lighted our collaboration expectations; helped our people acquire the right tools and techniques through the Collaboration in Action workshops; created and executed a plan of action to drive workshop thinking and behaviors into our culture; base-lined then measured our progress to plan; and ultimately achieved our performance goals!

Our progress has been amazing! It was a great experience working with Gwen!

Kelly Rhoades

Former Director IT Operations, Ameren Utility

Gwen is a positive, dedicated, well versed and professional leadership coach. Recently, she assisted me as I was evaluating career, position and organization options. Gwen’s uncanny ability of asking insightful and appropriate questions and then sharing expert and practical advice, helped me identify, pursue and secure the perfect career and cultural opportunity for me.

Time and time again, I was overly impressed with Gwen’s dedication to ensuring my success. She provided on-going support and guidance from reviewing my resume to preparing me for interviews and everything in between. Gwen is gifted and has truly found her niche where she successfully helps individuals and organizations reach their fullest potential.

Katrina Haas

Development Director, Conservancy of Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Gwen’s talent and skill level for leadership, strategic planning and team collaboration surpasses excellence and personifies exceptional quality, efficiency and effectiveness. The opportunity to work with Gwen has been a pleasure, both personally and professionally.

Sandra Roth

QAA Test Lead, Progressive Insurance

I worked with Gwen while at Christian & Timbers (now called CTPartners, LLC). As a CIO, Gwen’s approach to leadership, vision for team-building and her communication skills truly represented a step-change in the way our IT Department was to move forward. She encouraged the development of “soft skills” such as written and oral communications, set a wonderful example for how these tools help achieve goals and was in general a role model for any aspiring leader. Gwen demonstrated a greater vision by shaping the team to not only succeed as a technical group of individual contributors, but also helped Senior Management understand how to support an IT group to transform from a cost center to a strategic enabling business partner.

After working with Gwen at C&T, I’ve kept in contact over the years. I consider her to be one of the most talented and inspiring managers I’ve had the pleasure of working for. Her unique ability to relate to people on a personal level, positively influence choices one may be faced with throughout ones career development, and motivate a person to not only do what’s best for the moment, but in life – not limited to ones professional life, either! – all combine to give Gwen a genuine ability to help entire teams or a single individual contributor be the best they can be.

Gwen enjoys understanding people and all the dynamics that go into understanding how collections of very important people work off of and with each other, to achieve common goals. Her insights at a micro and macro level make her a true asset to any organization seeking help in becoming a better collective unit.

She’s open, honest and candid – and just about anyone in her presence would be wise to listen. Her wisdom and experience, her positive approach to people and a true desire to help make things better, make her a truly unique individual, whom I’m honored to have worked with.

John Berisford

Manager, Infrastructure Architecture, Erico

Gwen was a pleasure to work with. She took the time to understand our culture, gain insight on what we wanted to focus on most and sought our input throughout the whole design process to ensure we were getting the impact we were looking for. She delivered the product within our tight deadline and was extremely flexible in streamlining the training session to meeting our schedule.

During our workshop session, Gwen had the intuitive ability to know when to let the dialogue take its own course between our group and to interject observations that were right on target. Gwen used this interaction to identify other critical gaps to work on in the future.

Gwen’s personal commitment to providing excellent service is truly appreciated and resulted in a day long workshop that comments from one of the attendees reflected the opinion of the entire group: “…I dreaded coming at first because I thought it would the same as all the others I’ve been through, but it was really different…it was refreshing and thought-provoking and even though we spent 9 hours, I can’t believe how quick the time went – I got so much out of it, thank you…”

Mary Synk

Human Resource Manager, Hydro Alluminum

I’ve had the experience of working with Gwen in the capacities of an employee and as a colleague. I can state with certainty from over a decade of interactions with her to draw on that she has impeccable business savvy.

Gwen has the business acumen and experience to provide professional development training that combines solid principals and practices with sage advice that I believe could benefit business professionals at any level in an organization from senior executives to frontline managers.

I would whole-heartily recommend Gwen to any organization or individual that is looking to actualize the full potential of their staff or themselves.

Ron Hodges

Manager Systems Development & Maintenance, Medical Mutual of Ohio

I have professionally known TechEdge’s President, Gwen Walsh, for over seventeen years. During that time, I have always been impressed by her very strong leadership capabilities and results-oriented mindset. She uses a collaborative style and is a strong advocate for her customers. Gwen has a high level of integrity and a passion for excellence that makes her a pleasure to work with.

Allan Hall

IT Manager, Progressive Insurance

I had the opportunity to work for TechEdge’s President, Gwen Walsh, while she was the Chief Information Officer at CTPartners. Her high-energy approach, enthusiasm and ability to bring together junior members and executives with equal understanding built a strong, high performing, and cohesive IT team.

She framed every problem in easy to understand terms that helped everyone see the ‘big picture’. We always understood our internal customers’ expectations and were given the responsibility to make sound IT decisions on their behalf. At CT Partners, Gwen leveraged our strengths to achieve great things and then coached all of us to do better. The best recommendation I can give is: I hope I was a good student and that others will learn from me what I learned from Gwen.

Lynn Geiger

Senior Project Manager, Heinen's Fine Foods

I worked with TechEdge’s President, Gwen Walsh, while she was CTPartners’ CIO. It was one of the most memorable times in my career. Under Gwen’s leadership, there was a remarkable synergy within our team and with our business partners. She set up a framework that allowed our IT organization to always know the priorities of our clients. We were then able to collaborate, render decisions and deliver results accordingly.

Gwen also has a genuine way of bringing out the best in everyone and collaborating with individuals at every level of the company. In addition to being our leader, she was a mentor to each of us. She is one of a kind.

Cheryl Haddon

Former Project Manager, CTPartners

Gwen clearly understands the interpersonal relationships found in most workplaces and knows how to improve those relationships in order to increase overall productivity. The foundations of Gwen’s methods are based on well-documented scientific studies. I cannot wait to get started putting some of her best practices to use!

Katie Davis

Former Project Engineer, URS Corporation

Gwen’s enthusiasm and passion are contagious and engaging. Her “Leading with Emotional Intelligence” presentation was not only informative, but fun. She gets it! We left the event feeling energized. All organizations would benefit from Gwen’s wisdom and insightfulness on how interpersonal relationships are crucial to business success.

Brenda Cope

Account Manager, Giesecke & Devrient

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