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My talent is being equally balanced between my cognitive and creative (branding/marketing) abilities. As an experienced CIO and IT Professional, I’ve been building high-performing teams for many years. For me, it’s second nature and I excel at it. Mid career, I started leveraging my innate artistic skills to develop my branding chops. I was fortunate that as CTPartners’ CIO (global executive search firm), I worked side-by-side with an incredibly talented marketing and executive recruiting team. Watching my colleagues exponentially increase their personal brands was nothing short of awe-inspiring. Layering their creative genius on top of their equally impressive performance metrics and customer satisfaction scores, led to one and only one outcome — they became the “in high demand” gold standard. What a great place to be! I closely observed their behaviors and absorbed their best practice methods like a sponge. I didn’t realize the degree to which I would eventually be leveraging my newly bolstered branding/marketing capabilities.

So there I was, an incredibly successful CIO not only leading a high-performing team, but who had been assigned expanded non IT responsibilities plus promoted to Partner. While all of that was great and much appreciated, after awhile, I wasn’t feeling fulfilled nor challenged. Being the poster child for professional reinvention, I knew it was time to stretch. With intention, I left Corporate America and started my own consulting practice. I focused on doing what I love doing most — helping others create high-performing teams and reveling in their many successes.

As I consistently kept my promises, my client base and, more importantly, our trust-based relationships, continued to grow and deepen. As time marched on, I was being engaged by a variety of C-levels, not just CIOs. The C-Suite leaders candidly revealed the following — they didn’t know how to:

  • Be inspiring — a key ingredient to becoming a high-performing organization
  • Strengthen their board- and peer-level influencing capabilities
  • Transform their business leaders into growth-minded innovators
  • Capture their customers’ hearts and minds
  • Bolster their industry reputation and relevancy
  • Develop a strong personal brand
  • Create and embed a compelling internal company brand
  • Attract executive recruiter and hiring manager attention
  • Land guest speaking, key note and panel opportunities
  • Boost their professional portfolios and “in high demand” status
  • Plan & skillfully execute their Current & Next Career Maps
  • Balance their work and personal lives

I took their concerns to heart. In addition to helping C-Levels create high-performing organizations, I began to heavily leverage my branding/marketing expertise plus expand my executive coaching scope to include “the big picture” — helping C-Levels articulate and pursue their professional and personal aspirations. Within a short period of time, my clients were experiencing life-altering results — even to my amazement! And hence, thanks to my accomplished clients, my formulaic approach of Reimagining, Reinventing and Rebranding was born.

Gwen Walsh, President

Gwen Walsh has built a career creating and implementing business and technology solutions that redefine the industry standards for both Fortune 100 corporations and entrepreneurial organizations. With over 25 years of experience in leadership development and organizational transformation, Ms. Walsh, founder of TechEdge LLC, helps her clients stay ahead of their competition, stay in touch with their customers and stay in high demand. Ms. Walsh has achieved professional recognition for her ability to distill proven concepts, methods, techniques and tools into real-world, practical, “right fit” and cost effective solutions for her clients – all with a keen eye on meeting each organization’s unique needs and challenges while helping each C-Level attain professional and personal success and fulfillment.

Prior to establishing Ms. Walsh’s consulting firm, she served as Chief Information Officer, Senior Vice President and Partner for Christian & Timbers, directing the development and execution of their global Technology Strategy for the 10th largest executive search firm in the United States (15th internationally). Prior to that, she served as a Vice President/Division Manager with KeyCorp (Fortune 500, national), where, as a high potential leader, she garnered a breadth of experience through rotation assignments in application development, technology operations and client relationship management and earned several Achievement of Excellence awards. Ms. Walsh also led a staff of professionals as Director of Information Services with Medical Mutual, providing technology innovation to the healthcare insurance industry. She began her career in the General Motors Management Training Program.

Ms. Walsh holds a B.S. in Business Administration from John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio; participates in the Weatherhead Leadership Affiliate Program of Case Western Reserve University; coaches C-level executives; provides guest speaker services; and contributes pro bono assistance to talented and enthusiastic young start-up business owners.

Our Borderless “A Team”

TechEdge, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, hand-selects the ‘best and the brightest’ talent across the U.S. to serve our expanding client base. Each partner has held P&L responsibilities in name-brand organizations; earned client recognition for performance delivery; and currently owns a thriving consulting practice. As a virtual team, we collectively:

  • Draw upon our breadth and depth of knowledge, experiences and capabilities to accurately diagnose and triage each client scenario
  • Team with our clients to pre-define their success criteria, co-develop solid engagement plans and customize ‘right fit’ solutions
  • Tackle the ‘stickier’ human behavior aspects that can derail momentum and outcomes
  • Listen to our clients’ questions, issues and concerns to ensure that we understand and account for their organizations’ nuances
  • Communicate to ensure that all key stakeholders are moving in the right direction at the right time
  • Construct impactful deliverables that drive performance sustainability into our clients’ cultures
  • Work side-by-side with our clients as we help them execute their roadmap to success and attain their ultimate goals!

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